Spice Processing Machine Cumin Powder Making Machine Pulverizer Hammer Mill

Spice Processing Machine Cumin Powder Making Machine Pulverizer Hammer Mill

This video shows how our BS series hammer mill grinds cumin powder.

This type of powder making machine is good at grinding spices,like chili,turmeric,pepper,cumin,coriander seeds...etc.It can be connected with cold air machine,keeps stable temperature during the grinding process,can maintains the colour and lustre of materials effectively.











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Main Usage:

This machine has a very good effect for different kinds of spices,like Chili, pepper, black pepper, white pepper, green pepper, cinnamon, cumin, bandits, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, red yeast rice, red pepper, garlic, star anise, cloves, Amomum Tsaoko, geraniol, turmeric, ginger, fennel, anise, angelica and other material with high content of oil or fiber.

For root,herb and leaf, the grinding effect is also good.

Working Method

The machine is made up of crusher part,cyclone,dust collecting box, blower and control box.
It uses fixed plate and the relative motion between the activity hammer, making materials impacted and shredded under effect of centrifugal force.

Main Feature

It can grind spice and oil material with oil content reach 10%-20%.
The temperature of the grinding chamber remains normal even though after continuous working, so color and smell of material won’t be changed after being ground.

Speed of principal axis(rpm)29502500
Production capacity(kg/h)80-1200400-1800800-25001000-3000
Grinding fineness (mesh)12-12012-12012-12012-120
Main crush motor(KW)22374555
Overall size (L*W*H)(mm)5400*1300*27006800*1300*27007800*1800*32008800*2000*3300

Why Choose Us:

1.We can design equipment and layout drawings according to customer requirements, and provide special customized services. Our products have won a good reputation and praise from customers at home and abroad.

2.For most machines, we provide free testing services, one-year warranty, overseas installation services and training, and provide comprehensive and high-quality after-sales services.

3.A variety of transportation methods, customers can choose according to time and cost requirements.

4.The company’s products have a certain improvement cycle to keep up with the development needs of the times.

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