Nut Processing Machine Cashew Nut Roasting Machine Drying Machine

Nut Processing Machine Cashew Nut Roasting Machine Drying Machine

This video shows us BSCZ series roasting machine line,it is suitable for roasting spices and nuts with large capacity.In this test,we used it to roast cashew nut.











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The roasting machine has high degree of automation, intelligence and environmental protection. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, which ensures the hygiene and safety of the product and meets the GMP standard. Humanized design, intelligent control, convenient and fast parameter setting. The maximum temperature can reach 400 ℃. It has self diagnosis function, and the fault code is displayed on the display screen. The heating temperature should be above 215 ℃. Put the rice into the baking machine and bake for 5 seconds. You'll get puffed rice.


Main Features:

  1. 1. Protect the environment: electromagnetic conversion into thermal energy processing materials, carbon-free and environmentally friendly

  2. 2. Energy saving and low power consumption: The roasting machine uses rollers and composite materials to reduce energy loss. The thermal efficiency is 95% and the power saving is 45%.

  3. 3. Power saving and time saving: Electromagnetic heating system makes the drum automatically heat;

  4. 4. power saving and time saving: Electromagnetic heating system makes the drum automatically heat without heating medium. Working for 30 seconds, the temperature can reach 100 degrees Celsius.

  5. 5. Humanized interface: humanized design, intelligent control. Convenient parameter setting.

Working Method: 

Electromagnetic Heating System: electromagnetic control box makes copper wire plate produce magnetic field, when the drum rotation will cut off the magnetic induction line and produce waveform influence metal drum, so that the metal drum self-heating. Copper wire plate in the drum, copper wire plate is cold, equipment work will not heat, but generate a magnetic field. Automatic Heating of metal drum.

BSCL 7-60 roasting machine line:

ModelBSCL 7-60ElevatorVibrating screenCooling machine
Capacity300-500 KG/H300-500 KG/H300-500 KG/H300-500 KG/H
Heat power155-120 kw///
Motor power3 kw400w+20w0.37kw+0.37kw0.4kw+0.12kw*4
Overall size6500x1010x1600mm1750*970*2150mm1450*800*1510mm6100*700*560mm
Roller size700X6000 mm///

BSCL7-80 roasting machine line:

ModelBSCL 7-80ElevatorVibrating screenCooling machine
Capacity500-800 KG/H500-800 KG/H500-800 KG/H500-800 KG/H
Heat power20-180 kw///
Motor power3 kw400w+20w0.37kw+0.37kw0.4kw+0.12kw*4
Overall size8500x1010x1600mm1750*970*2150mm1450*800*1510mm6100*700*560mm
Roller size700X8000 mm///

roasting machine nut roasting machine cashew nut roasting machine
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