how to choose your turmeric powder grinding machine?

June 05, 2022

how to choose your turmeric powder grinding machine? there are 3 types mainly. They can make 20~300 mesh powder with small, medium and big capacity. Or you can also choose machine according to the budget.

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Type 1: BSDF series advanced hammer mill unit (big capacity turmeric powderg grinding machine

Our BSDF hammer mill can grind dry turmeric into 20-80mesh.

The different output sizes can be obtained by adjusting the grinding speed.

Capacity: 100-1500kg/h. (we have 5 models)

Type 2: BSP Ultra Fine Pulverizer Unit (superfine turmeric powder grinder machine)

Our BSP Ultra Fine Pulverizer can grind turmeric into 50-300 mesh fine turmeric powder.

The different fineness of finished products is obtained by adjusting the grading speed. 

Capacity: 10-2000kg/h. There are 8 models and different model has different capacity.

Type 3: BS series high speed small hammer mill (small capacity turmeric powder making machine)


If your capacity requirement is small, 3-200kg/h, this one is okay.

This mill can grind turmeric into 10-80mesh.

There are 4 models which has different capacities.

Capacity range: 3-300kg/h. 

Advantages: Simple structure, easy to use and to clean.

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