tea leaf crusher is ready for shipping

June 15, 2022

This is BSC-1000 coarse crusher with its filter box. The machine will be sent to Thailand soon, and they will use it as a tea leaf crusher machine for pharmaceutical use.

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One set of BSC-1000 crusher and filter box is finished, 

and we will send this machine to Thailand whin this month.

Our client is a pharmaceutical factory, they will use it as a dry leaves crusher to make leaves pieces (leaves flakes).

Besides,it can also crush root,spices into small granules.

BSC leave crusher is not suitable for making powder, if you need powder,

you will need our hammer mill or ACM mill to grind it.

This is picture of BSC-1000 tea leaf crusher's inner chamer.

There is sieves in mill chamber, to change sieve size,we can get different size pieces.

If you need fine powder,our BSP ACM mill can make 60~500 mesh leaves powder.

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