Colloid Mill Machine Rice Paste Grinder Mill Rice Grinding Machine

Colloid Mill Machine Rice Paste Grinder Mill Rice Grinding Machine

This is a rice paste grinding test on colloid mill machine,which is customized for our client.This type of machine is good at grinding materials into paste,such as peanut butter,sesame paste,almond milk...Its processing fineness can reach about 2-40um.











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Finished Product

Working Method

The basic principle of colloid grinding is that the fluid or semi-fluid material is subjected to strong shear force, friction force and high-frequency vibration through the fixed and moving teeth which are relatively connected at high speed. Grinding on mill tooth profile incline relative motion but becomes, one of the high speed rotating, another still make material through between tooth bevel material by shear force and friction force, at the same time in the high frequency vibration and the high speed whirlpool, etc under the action of complex force effectively shatter, emulsion, homogeneous, temperature, to obtain satisfactory fine processing of the products.


  1. 1. Sanitary food grade stainless steel. All contact parts except motor parts are made of stainless steel, especially the static and dynamic grinding plates are strengthened, which have better corrosion resistance and wear resistance. In this case, the finished material is pollution-free and safe.

  2. 2. COLLOID MILL WITH COMPACT DESIGN, beautiful appearance, good sealing, stable performance, easy operation and high production efficiency is an ideal equipment for processing fine materials.

  3. 3. Separate colloid mill, motor and base separation, good stability, easy operation, long service life, avoid material leakage, prevent motor burn. Using labyrinth seal, no wear, corrosion resistance, reduce failure. The belt wheel drive can change the transmission ratio, improve the speed, so that the material is crushed more fine.

  4. 4. The vertical colloid mill solves the problem that the small colloid mill can not work continuously for a long time because of insufficient power and poor sealing. Motor is 220V, compact structure, small volume, light weight, reliable sealing structure, long continuous working time, especially suitable for small enterprises and laboratories.

  5. 5. Each kind of colloid mill vibration is small, the work is stable, does not need the foundation.


Motor power

Motor speed

Processing fineness


Grinding disc 


Cooling water pipe

OutletInlet Weight

Boundary dimension

(kw)(r/min) (um)(kg/h)(mm) (mm) (mm)(mm) (kg)(L*W*H)(mm)  
BSQT-F50 1.5 29002-40 0.01-0.15010203060255*500*700   
BSQT-F651.5/2.229002-400.02-0.565 10 203065 500*345*675
BSQT-F80 329002-40 0.3-180 12  25  48 150 700*570*920   
BSQT-F1005.5 2900 2-400.5-2100 122566240 800*645*900    
BSQT-F1207.52900 2-400.5-3 120123266 250800*645*900    
BSQT-F1401129002-40 0.5-414012 32  66275800*750*1020
BSQT-F20018.5 29002-401-10200 1238  100 400   900*850*1200  

colloid mill rice grinsing machine colloid mill machine
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