Corn Grinder Machine Pin Mill Grains Powder Making Machine

Corn Grinder Machine Pin Mill Grains Powder Making Machine

This bag contains corn,and in this grinding test run,it will be ground into fine corn powder by BSZ pin mill.

BSZ series pin mill is mainly used to grind agricultural products of oil and fat and other chemical raw materials.It is also specialized in milling for various fruit,spices,walnuts,coffee beans,cocoa beans,peanuts,rice and so on.











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(1) The linear type has simple structure and convenient installation and maintenance.

(2) There are two grinding discs, which rotate with each other to realize high-speed rotation.

(3) There is no screen in the grinding chamber, and the powder particle size can be changed by changing the rotating speed.

(4) It can crush high sugar and high oil materials, such as cocoa, coffee, spices and dried fruits, with good effect.

If you are looking for coffee powder mill, cocoa powder mill, cocoa powder mill, our BSZ pin mill is very suitable.


Working Principle

Bidirectional pair wheels adopt the way of reverse rotation of front and back grinding wheels, thus this way improves the crushing effect. Double discs install the needle cylinders whose diameters are different, every part arrays needles and bars through the technology of three dimensional simulation, designing the layout rationally and thus it can control the materials to achieve the effective split effect in the gap of needle bar efficaciously. Needles and bars can adopt the shape of hexagonal、square、wolf teeth and so on according to crushing materials. The shape of wolf teeth is all called corn cob rollermill, and this machine has the special effect for the engineering plastic with high melting point to flour at room temperature. Needle and bar mill adopt the way of quantitative feeding of screw, controlling the even motion of materials in the inward of millstone. The ways of discharge are output in the natural state and discharge of negative pressure method. This machine does not have mesh screen in the chamber of grinding wheel, and it adjusts the fineness of crocus through the wire-speed of mill wheel, it can also classify materials through external grading method.

Technical Data:

Capacity (kg/h)60-200150-500230-700
Feed size (mm)< 15< 15< 15
Output size (mesh)40~20040~20040~200
Cavity disc crush motor(KW)1118.522
Door disc crush motor (KW)152230
Feed screw motor (KW)0.370.550.75
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