spice mill machine spice grinder machine grinding machine spice supplier and price-BRIGHTSAIL

spice mill machine spice grinder machine grinding machine spice supplier and price-BRIGHTSAIL

This is buyer show from our Arabian customer,in this video,our BSDF hammer mill is used to make chilli powder.

Our BSDF spice mill machine is good at grinding oil content materials,like spice,cinnamon,pepper,chickpea,turmeric...with good powder fineness and large capacity.











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 spice mill machine spice grinder machine 

crushing parts of BSDF spice mill machine

BSDF spice mill machine combines corse crusher area, middle fine milling area, and super fine milling area together.
The first crushing area can crush hard material;
The second milling area can grinding material with fiber or oil,like herbs,spices,roots.
The third milling area is for fine powder milling,speed of it can be changed to change powder particle size.

Advantages of BSDF spice grinder machine 

1. There is no need to sieving or sieving in the mill cavity, and the powder size can be changed by variable speed;

2. Because there is no screen in the mill cavity, there is no heating in the mill cavity; there is no need to worry about electricity hitting the screen or product quality by the heat of the mill Influence. This is why it is very suitable for grinding heat-sensitive materials or materials containing fibers or oils.

3. The mill part is a combination of coarse pulverizer, medium and fine pulverizer and fine pulverizer, which can directly produce fine powder from large raw materials, which is very effective.

4. Compared with other traditional grinders of the same motor type, it has a much larger capacity and can save more power.

Technical data of BSDF grinding machine spices

This is the mill part of BSDF spice mill machine

there are three groups of hammer knives, they can crush and grind and mill the spices at the same time.

FAQ for our spice mill machine

Q: How to install the machine?

A: We provide English electric diagram, and English manual.

  99% clients can install the machine by themselves under our guidance.


Q: Which city are you from?

A: We are in Wuxi city, which is near Shanghai, the distance is only ~150KM.

By car, it takes ~2 hours from our city to Shanghai.


Q: Is the powder size adjustable? 

A: Yes, the powder size can be changed by setting the parameter of inverter.

   For example, if you want finer powder, you can try 25 Hz, if not fine enough,then try 30HZ,35Hz...etc

Q: What is the material of the machine?

A: Usually we use Stainless steel 304,

Sometimes,we also use SS316 as customer requests.


Until 2022, we have sold machines to more than 70 countries,

and our clients love us~

grinding machine spice spice grinder machine spice mill machine
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