Herbal Hammer Mill Fenugreek Seeds Crusher Machine Powder Making Machine

Herbal Hammer Mill Fenugreek Seeds Crusher Machine Powder Making Machine

Our BS hammer mill is good at grinding chili,herbs,dried leaf,pepper,garlic,cloves,turmeric,ginger,anise and other materials with high content of oil or fiber.

Its crushing effect can reach 12~120mesh,for root,herb and leaf,its grinding effect is also good.

In the video above,we tested fenugreek seeds on this machine,for making fine fenugreek seeds powder.











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Working Method of our Fenugreek Seeds Crusher Machine 

BS hammer mill is good at grinding spices and other high oil content materials,it consists of pulverizer, cyclone separator, dust collecting box, fan, control box, etc. . 

The Spice Grinder utilizes the relative motion between the fixed plate and the movable hammer to crush the materials under the action of Centrifugal Force.

Main Feature of our Fenugreek Seeds powder grinder mill

Materials oil content up to 10%-20% can be ground. 

Powder size can be adjusted just by changing the sieves in mill chamer.

Application of our Fenugreek Seeds powder grinder mill

The pulverizer is suitable for various condiments, such as chilli, pepper, cinnamon, cumin, mashed potato, cinnamon, nutmeg,ginger and so on.

The grinding effect of roots, grass and leaves is also very good.

Technical Data of our Fenugreek Seeds Crusher Machine

Speed of principal axis(rpm)29502500
Production capacity(kg/h)80-1200400-1800800-25001000-3000
Grinding fineness (mesh)12-12012-12012-12012-120
Main crush motor(KW)22374555
Overall size (L*W*H)(mm)5400*1300*27006800*1300*27007800*1800*32008800*2000*3300

Our Services:

1. Pre-sales service:                                                

   Inquiry and consulting support with 24 hours;

   Machine sample test service;

   Factory visit

2. After-sales service:

  Instructing how to install and use the machine;

  one year warranty;

  video support;

  engineer is available to go to user's factory to help install and train.

Why Choose Us: 

Within years, we have exported machine to over 70 countries.

For example, New Zealand, Germany, Poland, Thailand, Pakistan, Qatar, Nigeria and many other countries.

So you do not need to worry about the export procedures because we know all the procedures.

Fenugreek Seeds Crusher Machine Fenugreek Seeds powder grinder mill Fenugreek powder grinder mill
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