Best cassava flour grinding machine cassava flour mill Factory Price - Brightsail

Best cassava flour grinding machine cassava flour mill Factory Price - Brightsail

superfine 60~300 mesh cassava flour yam flour mill cassava flour grinding machine from China. Our machine has different sizes and models to meet customers' different requirements. The capacity can be 100~2000 kg/hr.











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Product Introduction

The video  above is our BSP-350 cassava flour grinding machine.

This machine can make superfine cassava flour,like 60mesh, 120mesh, 200mesh,300 mesh are okay.

 Best cassava flour grinding machine cassava flour mill Factory Price - Brightsail


our cassava flour mill can grind other material too, like yam, rice flour, corn flour;

It can also grind herbs,spices into fine powder. That's why this machine is very popular in flour plant.

Besides, it is made by Stainless steel 304, which is food grade.

Our cassava flour grinder mill has different models.

This is picture of our BSP-500 cassava flour making machine.

FAQ  of our cassava flour making mahine.

Q: How to install the machine?

A: We provide English electric diagram, and English manual.

  99% clients can install the machine by themselves under our guidance.


Q: Is the powder size adjustable? 
A: Yes, the powder size can be changed by setting the parameter of inverter.

   For example, if you want finer powder, you can try 25 Hz, if not fine enough,then try 30HZ,35Hz...etc


Q: To get a detailed quote or to choose a suitable model, what buyer shall provide? 

A: 1) raw material name? 

   2) capacity the buyer needs to produce? kg/hr

   3) target powder size the buyer needs? like 20 mesh, 30mesh, 40mesh,60 mesh.....etc


Q: What is the warranty term?

A: Guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship of equipment and parts for one year.

 Any parts in need of replacement will be shipped free of charge but labor for installation will not be included. Warranty does not cover abuse or user error and quick-wear parts.


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