Chili Grinding Machine Spice Powder Making Machine Self-absorb Grinding Set

Chili Grinding Machine Spice Powder Making Machine Self-absorb Grinding Set

This is a chili grinding test on our BSG series self-absorb grinding set.This series of milling machine with two types:Split type snd Joint type.

It can be widely used in fields of foodstuff,chemical,paint,medicine...etc.It's specially suitable for crystal materials,like sugar and salt.











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Structure And Working Method

The raw material enters the grinding chamber through the feed hopper, is impacted by the high-speed rotary cutter, thrown onto the fixed lining plate, and then bounced up and cut. A high-speed fan blade is arranged next to the grinding chamber to generate positive pressure air flow. Under the action of pressure air flow, the powder passes through the screen faster and enters the cyclone separator. The ultra-fine powder enters the pulse dust collector, and there is no waste and flying dust in the production process. If you are looking for sugar flour machine, sugar flour machine, sugar flour machine, salt flour machine, rice flour machine... BSG is very suitable.


◪ the crusher is equipped with a fan, and the powder is self-priming,

◪ the production capacity is much larger than the traditional model, and the production capacity is 2-3 times larger than the traditional universal grinder.

◪ the temperature in the crusher cavity remains normal and the material properties remain unchanged.

◪ it has good grinding effect on crystalline materials such as sugar, salt powder and so on

Speed of principal axis(rpm)53004800380033002800
Crusher motor (KW)5.57.5152230
Blower (KW)
Discharge motor (KW)0.370.750.750.751.1
Grinding fineness (mesh)12-12012-12012-12012-12012-120
Grinding capacity (kg/h)50-500100-1000300-1500500-25001000-5000

1.How Can I Buy This Machine?

First of all,  discuss all machines details and price with our sales person.Secondly, confirm the price and payment terms Trade assurance/TT/Escrow/Western Union etc.Thirdly, send us purchased order and confirm our Proforma Invoice and arrange deposit. Once well received the deposit, we will arrange production.At last, please arrange balance payment for us once machine is ready, then we will arrange shipment booking after received the balance payment and shipping the machine to you.

3.How do you pack your machines?

If it's a small machine, it's packed in wooden cases.If it is a large machine or many machines, we will take the container, we will split the machine into several parts, then wrap the machine with wrapping film, and then fix it in the container with wire rope to prevent them from shaking during transportation.

Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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