Industrial Food Grinding Machine Onion Powder Making Machine Hammer Mill Crusher

Industrial Food Grinding Machine Onion Powder Making Machine Hammer Mill Crusher

This is onion crushing test on BSDF hammer mill,for making fine onion powder.Onion pieces has been dried beforehand by BSO hot air circulation oven.

There are three different milling areas in BSDF hammer mill:coarse milling area,middle fine milling area and fine miling area,materials can be crushed three times in a short time,its capacity can reach 100-1300kg per hr.











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BSDF is our latest advanced hammer mill. It combines coarse crusher, medium and fine milling and fine milling zone (3 milling zones). The material will be ground three times at the same time. For spices (such as pepper, turmeric, coriander seed, cumin), the powder can be 20~80 mesh; the powder of grains (such as rice, cassava, chickpea, bean paste, wheat... etc.) can be 20~ 150 mesh. So, if you are interested in spice grinder (spice mill), our BSDF spice powder mill is a good choice.


1. There is no need to set a screen or screen in the grinding chamber, and the powder particle size can be changed by changing the speed;

2. Because there is no screen tube in the grinding cavity, there is no heating in the grinding cavity; There is no need to worry about the power of the screen being hit or the quality of the product being affected by the heat of the mill. This is why it is very suitable for grinding heat sensitive materials or materials containing fibers or oil.

3. The mill part integrates rough grinding, medium fine grinding and fine grinding. It can directly grind large raw materials into fine powder, which is very effective.

4. This pepper grinder can save more power, and its production capacity is much greater than other traditional rolling mills and the same motor.

About Crusher Part

 This pepper grinder combines the corpse crushing zone, the medium-fine crushing zone, and the ultra-fine crushing zone. 

The first crushing zone can crush hard materials; 

the second grinding zone can grind materials containing fiber or oil, such as herbs, spices, roots. 

The third grinding area is a fine grinding area, and the particle size can be changed by changing the grinding speed.

Rotor speed(rpm)3500-45003300-42002900-36002400-31002100-2700
Grind motor(Kw)2237455575
Feed motor(Kw)
Discharge motor(Kw)0.750.751.11.11.5
Grind fineness(mesh)20-12020-12020-12020-12020-120

powder crushing machine industrial food grinders onion powder making machine
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