Root Grinding Machine Cassava Powder Making Machine Hammer Mill

Root Grinding Machine Cassava Powder Making Machine Hammer Mill

This is a run test on BSDF hammer mill,for grinding cassava,for making fine powder.

Our BSDF hammer mill combines coarse crusher,middle fine milling fine milling area(3 milling areas)together. Material will be milled three times at the same time.

Because it has no screen in mill chamber,when milling,there is no heat rising in mill chamber.











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About Its Crushing Part:

The part of the crusher is made up of three parts: the body-crushing area, the medium-fine grinding area and the ultra-fine grinding area. 

  1. 1. The first crushing zone can crush hard materials;

  2. 2. The second grinding zone can grind materials containing fiber or oil, such as herbs, spices, roots, etc. .

  3. 3. The third grinding area is the fine powder grinding area, whose velocity can change the particle size of the powder.


1. There is no need for sieving or sieving in the grinding chamber, and the particle size of the powder can be changed by changing the speed;

2. Since there is no screen in the grinding chamber, there is no heat rise in the grinding chamber during milling; there is no need to worry about the screen or the screen that is hit by the power. Product quality is affected by the heat from the rolling mill. This is why it is ideal for grinding heat-sensitive materials or materials containing fibers or oils.

3. The mill part combines the coarse pulverizer, the medium and fine pulverizers and the fine pulverizer, that is, the fine powder can be directly prepared from the large raw material, which is very effective.

4. It can save more power and its capacity is much larger than other traditional rolling mills of the same motor type.                    

Technical Data:

Rotor speed(rpm)3500-45003300-42002900-36002400-31002100-2700
Grind motor(Kw)2237455575
Feed motor(Kw)
Discharge motor(Kw)0.750.751.11.11.5
Grind fineness(mesh)20-12020-12020-12020-12020-120


Q: How do you pack your machines?

A: If it's a small machine, it's packed in wooden cases.

If it is a large machine or many machines, we will take the container, we will split the machine into several parts, then wrap the machine with wrapping film, and then fix it in the container with wire rope to prevent them from shaking during transportation.

About Us:

Our company-Brightsaill Machinery Co., Ltd is focus on the research of powder equipment, such as roasting machine,50kg cacao roasting machine, chemical powder mixer machine, detergent powder mixing machine... etc. Our products can be applied in food,  medicine, chemical and other industries and had won a good reputation.

After 15 year's development and accumulation, our company has been one of the most influential equipment manufacturers in the industry. And we wish to grow up and develop together with all new and old customers.

powder making machine cassava flour making machine hammer mill machine
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