turmeric grinding machine turmeric powder making machine from Brightsail

turmeric grinding machine turmeric powder making machine from Brightsail

This is our BSDF advanced hammer mill,in this test,we used it to grind turmeric powder,in the discharge, we connected the vibrating screen to help sift the turmeric powder better.

BSDF spice mill can be used for grinding chili,turmeric,ginger,pepper,onion,cinnamon and other materials,it combines three different crushing parts together,for better grinding effect.











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Product Introduction of BSDF turmeric powder making machine

BSDF spice grinding machine is our latest advanced hammer grinding unit.

It is composed of coarse crusher, medium finish milling and finish milling area (3 milling areas). The material will be ground three times at the same time.

For spices (such as pepper, turmeric, coriander seed and cumin), the powder can reach 20 ~ 80 mesh;

The flour of cereals (such as rice, cassava, chickpea, beans, wheat, etc.) can reach 20 ~ 150 mesh.

Therefore, if you are interested in spice crusher (spice crusher), our BSDF spice crusher is a very good choice.

Working Method of BSDF turmeric grinding machine

Its crushing part consists of a shredding area, a medium-fine area and an ultra-fine area.

The first crushing zone can crush hard materials;

The second grinding zone can grind fibrous or oil-containing materials,

 such as herbs, spices, rhizomes, and the like.

The third grinding zone is the fine powder grinding zone, the speed of which can change the particle size of the powder.

Advantages of our BSDF turmeric powder making machine

(1) the grinding chamber does not need a screen or a screen pipe, which can change the particle size of the powder by changing the speed; 

(2) because the grinding chamber does not have a screen, there is no heat rise in the grinding chamber during milling; there is no need to worry about the impact of electricity on the screen or the quality of the product affected by the heat from the rolling mill. This is why it is ideal for grinding heat sensitive materials or materials containing fibers or oils. 

(3) save more power, its production capacity is far greater than other traditional mill of the same model.

Technical Data of BSDF turmeric powder grinding machine

Rotor speed(rpm)3500-45003300-42002900-36002400-31002100-2700
Grind motor(Kw)2237455575
Feed motor(Kw)
Discharge motor(Kw)0.750.751.11.11.5
Grind fineness(mesh)20-12020-12020-12020-12020-120

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Till 2022, we have exported our turmeric powder machines to more than 70 countries around the world.

turmeric powder making machine turmeric powder grinding machine turmeric grinding machine
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